Where is my referral payment?

Notice: As of 8/29/2019, we have discontinued our referral program, which provided incentives to new customers and referrers when completing a transaction with Gazelle.

Any current referrals from the program will be honored as long as the transaction was received by our warehouse and the offer was accepted on or before 10/13/19. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

We appreciate all who participated over the years and shared the benefits of Gazelle with their family, friends, and clients.

In order for both of you to receive your referral bonus, the person who was referred must complete the transaction through the personalized URL sent to them when they were referred.

Once the person who has been referred completes a trade, the referral rewards are then processed for payment. The person who referred the new customer will be paid with a Tango gift card within 7-10 days of the referred customer's completed transaction, while the referred customer is paid through an additional bonus amount added directly to their qualifying transaction.

If the referred transaction was not setup through the personalized email that the referrer generated, then the transaction would not be a qualified referral.