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Sell Microsoft Tablet to Gazelle

Do you have a Microsoft tablet gathering dust due to minimal use? It might be time to sell that tablet to Gazelle and get the most out of it. wants to give you a simple and fast way to get rid of your old device and get some quick payment for it as well. So why let a perfectly good Microsoft tablet go to waste?

Selling your Used Microsoft Tablet to Gazelle

When deciding to sell your device to Gazelle, all we ask is that you answer one question regarding your Microsoft tablets condition. Once answered, your offer will appear with the quote we believe your device is worth. Not satisfied with your offer, or want to think about? Gazelle will hold your offer for 30-days to give you adequate time to think about the quote.

How You’ll Get Paid

If the offer its accepted, we will send you a prepaid shipping label, so you can ship your Microsoft tablet to us free of charge. Once your device gets to our processing center, one of our experts, will evaluate your device. If your device matches the question your first filled out when getting your quote, we will send you payment in the form you choose, whether it be a check, an Amazon gift card or even payment through PayPal. If, by chance your device does not match the condition originally specified. Gazelle will send you a new quote based on the current condition of your Microsoft tablet.

What are you waiting for? Sell your Microsoft tablet to Gazelle today and get the most for your device!