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Sell iPad Air to Gazelle

Sleek, lightweight and nimble as can be – the iPad Air not only gets the job done, it also gets it done with serious style. It’s as if an insanely powerful computer was shrunk down to a single, portable screen that’s ready at the tap of a finger. No one understands that value of that iPad better than Gazelle, so rest assured, you’ve come to the perfect place to sell your iPad Air.

We make things incredibly simple so that selling your iPad is not only a breeze, but also a rewarding and fast process. First, you’ll answer a few questions above so that we can get to know the current condition of your iPad Air. If you’re unsure, no need to panic. You can pick the options to the best of your ability, and our device experts will give your iPad a thorough inspection once it arrives at our facilities.

We’ll give you an estimate for your device immediately online. If you choose to accept, we’ll send you a prepaid shipping label to ship us your iPad Air free of charge. Yup, shipping’s on us! All you need to do is drop it off at your nearest post office. If you’re unsure about the offer we present online, you’ll have 30 days with a locked-in estimate to decide. After that point, you will need to start the offer process from the beginning.

Upon Receiving Your iPad Air

Once your iPad Air arrives at our Gazelle inspection facilities, our device experts ensure that everything is in working order. If we inspect your iPad and find that it may be of lesser value, we send you an email with a chance to decline the new offer and have your iPad Air sent back to you, free of charge. In some cases, you may end up with a higher offer than originally given! Either way, you’re given the last chance to accept or deny. If you accept, you’ll be paid out in the payment option of your preference. We currently offer funds through gift card, deposit in your PayPal account or a check.

The longer you wait to sell your iPad Air, the more value it loses. Don’t delay – see what your iPad Air is worth today at Gazelle.