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Sell Your Used iPhone 14

Apple® iPhone users are constantly keeping up with new releases from the brand each year, but what happens to your old device when a new one comes out? We have good news — you can do more with your previous iPhone than banish it to your junk drawer. Instead, you can sell your iPhone 14 and put extra money in your bank account.

You can trade in your iPhone 14 for money toward your next device with Gazelle. We make buying and selling pre-owned mobile devices faster, easier and more convenient than ever.

Why Sell Your Used iPhone 14?

It's safe to say you probably paid a pretty penny for your iPhone 14 when it first came out. Wouldn't it be nice to get a portion of that money back? You can make it happen by selling your device with Gazelle. When you trade in your iPhone 14 with us, you can expect the following benefits:

• Simple process: Our iPhone selling process is quick and painless, taking just minutes to complete.

• Fast payment: Selling your iPhone 14 with us means getting your money fast with payment upon receiving and evaluating your device.

• No extra costs: We never make sellers pay for shipping or charge hidden fees.

• Eco-friendliness: Our iPhone 14 trade-in process is highly sustainable, extending your device's life span while preventing electronic waste from ending up in landfills.

• Seller safety: When you trade in your device through Gazelle's online process, you won't have to participate in sketchy meet-ups with strangers to sell your iPhone in person.

• Money for your needs: You can use the money from your used device sale for anything you want, such as the next new iPhone, this month's rent or future savings.

How Much Is My iPhone 14 Worth?

How much money you'll get for your iPhone 14 depends on its physical and functional characteristics. When you send us your device, we'll assess the following factors to determine a fair price:

• Service carrier: Unlocked mobile phones and phones with carriers like Verizon or AT&T sell for the most money.

• Storage capacity: The more storage your phone has, the more money it may be worth.

• Functionality: High-value phones will have functional ports, displays and volume controls.

• Physical condition: You'll earn more for your phone if it's free of chips, dents, cracks and scratches.

We'll provide an immediate estimate when you request a quote from Gazelle.

How Do I Sell My iPhone 14?

Our iPhone 14 trade-in process is simple and seamless:

  1. Visit our Sell page to get started.
  2. Click on the type of device you want to trade.
  3. Choose your wireless carrier and phone model.
  4. Select “Get an Offer” and provide details on your phone's condition.
  5. Click the “Get Paid” option and submit your email address to receive updates and shipping info.
  6. We'll send you a final offer after we receive and assess your iPhone.
  7. Once you accept our bid, we'll pay you by check, through PayPal or with an Amazon gift card.

Take Advantage of iPhone 14 Trade-in Deals at Gazelle

You can get paid for your mobile device fast when you sell your iPhone 14 at Gazelle. Our streamlined process enables our customers to trade in their electronics quickly, conveniently and securely.

Begin the selling process today!