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Sell iPhone 14 Pro Max: Get the Best Value with Gazelle

Upgrading to the latest iPhone® model is always exciting, but it leaves you with the question of what to do with your old phone. However, your older Apple iPhone can help you get the next model. An iPhone 14 Pro Max still holds plenty of value in 2024, and selling it can go a long way toward buying your next iPhone.

Why Sell Your iPhone 14 Pro Max?

Selling your iPhone 14 Pro Max while it still holds significant value is a smart financial move. The longer you wait, the more the value of old devices depreciates. By selling your iPhone 14 Pro Max now, you can secure a good return before its value drops further. This approach allows you to stay current with the latest technology without breaking the bank.

Additionally, selling your device helps the environment. By extending the life of your old phone through resale, you reduce electronic waste and promote more sustainable practices. It’s beneficial for both your finances and the planet.

Preparing to Sell iPhone 14 Pro Max

Before you sell your phone, you'll need to prepare it. This consists of clearing the data off of phones, preserving what you need, and removing it from the phone. Your customers get a clean smartphone, while you've guaranteed your own safety by removing sensitive information.

First, backup your data. You can do this via iCloud or upload your phone data to an external storage device. Make sure to do this correctly, as you'll lose your data forever if you don't secure it.

Proceeding to the next step, you'll find the Settings option in your phone. Then select General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. Selecting that final option will restore your phone to its factory settings, providing you the security to resell the device.

Selling Your iPhone 14 Pro Max with Gazelle

Gazelle is the best place to sell your iPhone 14 Pro Max quickly and efficiently. Once you've prepared your device for sale, you only need to complete four steps to sell your device.

  • Get a Quote: Go to the "Sell" page on Gazelle’s website, choose your iPhone model, and input factors like storage and condition. The website will provide you with an instant quote.
  • Ship Your Device: If you don't like the offer, there's no commitment to sell. But if you like the quote you received, you can request a free shipping label from Gazelle to ship out your phone.
  • Device Evaluation and Payment: You'll receive your payment shortly after the date we receive your phone and verify that its condition matches your report. You can request a check to cash, a PayPal deposit, or an Amazon gift card; we provide you with the options trade-in services don't.

What You Can Expect Selling iPhone 14 Pro Max with Gazelle

Gazelle offers competitive prices based on the current market value and the condition of your device. As of July 2024, an unlocked iPhone 14 Pro Max can sell for anywhere from $600 to $900 depending on the condition and storage capacity.

Instead of sending your old devices to landfills to become electronic waste, use our simple, safe process to sell your phone. If you need to know where you stand during the process, a quick call to our customer support team will quickly set your questions right.

Sell Your iPhone 14 Pro Max Today

Ready to sell your iPhone 14 Pro Max? Visit Gazelle’s website and find out why our customers leave such positive reviews. Get an instant quote, start the sale process today, and get paid in a matter of days.


How much is my Apple 14 Pro Max worth?

The Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max is still a highly valuable device that sells for over $700, but the exact price varies. Get an instant quote for your unique device today by using Gazelle's website.

How much will I get for an iPhone 14 Pro Max?

Peer-to-peer sales often take sufficient time that your phone depreciates, not to mention shady in-person meetings. It's often best to accept a slightly lower sale price to lock in a good price today before your phone depreciates further.

Did they stop selling iPhone 14 Pro Max?

Apple discontinued the iPhone 14 Pro Max after launching the iPhone 15 Pro Max. However, it's still possible to buy the older model through third-party retail stores and the secondhand market.